Katherine Brown, studio founder & teacher


about katherine...

Born in Seattle to a musical family, Katherine has lived in California since 1971. Imprinted by 9 years as a Suzuki parent to her own 3 children, she began teacher training with master teacher Caroline Fraser. Katherine has taught piano, music reading and group music theory curricula from 2012-to the present in Berkeley, California.

A part of Clarice Leite's Oakland studio in 1995, then with Jerry Kuderna in North Berkeley, Katherine studied alongside her 3 children.  Her piano study continues with Caroline Fraser summers at Suzuki Institute and weekly at the studio of Rebecca Boblack.  She earned her undergraduate degree from Stanford in 1982, working in marketing, PR and development.

In her spare time Katherine volunteers as a writing coach, gardens, studies Chinese, swims, and often hikes.  Her home which is on the same property with her piano studio includes 1 cat, 6 hens and 3 'flown' children: her daughters have finished studies at Pratt Institute/Hunter College and Stanford University and her son at the University of California Berkeley.

Why I chose to teach music using the Suzuki approach:

"Most people have a set notion of 'inborn talent or ability' -- it is a misconception which is a delight to change. All children can develop ability or talent with the right environment."  

"Music is our human language - a mind tonic for our times: for patience, calm, unwinding, intellectual challenge, pure entertainment and shared laughter.  It’s a joy to work with children and their parents to hone the love of making fine music."