Going Viral on Sound Cloud, Spotify, You Tube

Inspiring youth composers, Emmit Fenn 

(Fall 2015) Who knew that encouraging playing music at any time of the morning, noon or night would result in a song going viral?

This young man, using his own name, Emmit Fenn, is smack in the middle of his college career. He has been messing around with composition for as long as I can remember and is one of those kids who just hung around the house and the pianos, playing all the time.  Many of the songs he wrote (and sometimes my son, his pal helped with) were mocking, laughter laden imitations of famous people, rap stars and balladeers. His mom and I would laugh and laugh at the originality and the antics. As he grew so did the kinds of compositions. Wherever he found keyboards or a piano, he just sat and played. At home. At his friend's house.

Now this 20 something uploads his beats and tunes to Sound Cloud and itunes. A hybrid genre song he wrote, Painting Greys, features his throaty (fashionable) vocals.  Surprise, THE THING IS GOING VIRAL. What a lark and a joy: make music in a home studio and then 'release it' like blowing on a dandelion flower into the wind.

Music is the universal connector.  Play it for joy.

PS Now there is a second song, Blinded.